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Common queries about TIS

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an innovative technology based on modeling. It’s originators posit an interconnection between a person’s neurological processes (“Neuro”), language (“Linguistic”) and behavioral patterns acquired through experiences (“Programming”) and claim that these can be altered through modeling Human Excellence to achieve the desired goal. NLP facilitates people to train their minds to alter the old and habitual ways of thinking detrimental to their well-being with new and flexible ways of thinking.

Learning NLP can help you in all areas of your life: career, relationships, self-improvement, personal development, health and Overall well-being.

NLP is not a diagnostic tool and it requires experiential learning and is difficult to learn through online or distance learning programs.

Well trained Neuro-Linguistic Programmers will always teach by installation, not by teaching technique after technique.

NLP is an educational tool, not a form of therapy. People are provided knowledge the way their brains function and this information is utilized by in order to bring changes.

NLP is often very effective when combined with various forms of therapy. It is being used very successfully to help people with a variety of issues – such as fears, phobias, depression and painful memories, etc. Professional from following fields incorporate NLP into their work – Doctors, Dentists, Homeopaths, Acupuncture Practitioners, Hypnotherapists, Herbalists, Psychotherapists and others.

Yes. The first step to changing any area of your life is to become totally clear about what you want and where you are going. NLP offers you some very effective ways of setting goals and outcomes, channel your energy into achieving them and align your values and beliefs with what you want to achieve, and finally increase your sense of purpose in life.

In business, communication skills are often regarded as more important than qualifications. NLP gives you the skills to perform at your best, to tap your true potential, and to be a powerful communicator, by utilizing the power of your mind. Furthermore if thought patterns, thinking strategies, and some of the beliefs of effective business people are copied and modeled, you would be more effective in your work. NLP unlocks some of these secrets of success.

In any relationship, communication skills are vital. Much of the quality of our lives comes down to the quality of our communications. NLP offers you some of the most effective communications skills available. You will discover how to develop rapport with people in matters of seconds, how different people respond differently to certain words, how to handle difficult people, how to improve the quality of your marital life, and how to influence your children more effectively.

Yes, most of us feel that we are unable to control how we feel. NLP offers you some vital techniques. Once you know how your mind works you are more likely to be able to control your feelings.

Yes, NLP gives you some very effective ways to get rid of your unwanted thoughts and releasing you from the past. You become better-equipped to help yourself and decide exactly what you want in life, handle any fears that hold you back, and generally be a happier person.

There are many areas in which NLP™ can be utilized. Whatever your profession is, you can use NLP to build on whatever it is you are already doing.

Common Questions asked About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural and normal state of the mind in which the body experiences a state of deep physical relaxation while the mind remains clear, alert and focused. In this altered state of awareness, the subconscious mind becomes open your mind to beneficial suggestions and where you can make use of your imagination to help make positive changes in your life. For instance, while watching your favorite TV drama, you become so lost that you cannot hear the voice of someone calling you; you have a Cup of Tea in your hand and you are so lost that you even don’t know that you have finished it; while reading novel, you become so involved that you consider yourself a character of that situation. All these are natural states of hypnosis.

In spite of the fact that hypnosis can be induced by suggestions of sleep, and sleep may be turned into hypnosis, and hypnosis into sleep, all scientific tests show that the trance is more like the waking state than ordinary sleep.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Because you are the one who makes it work! This means you are always in control. It is impossible to get “stuck” in hypnosis because hypnosis is just a focused use of your visualization using the power of your imagination to gain new choices and become aware of different perspectives.

Hypnosis will not make you tell secrets. When in a hypnotic state, you are merely open to suggestions. You still have a choice and wouldn’t divulge anything you don’t ordinarily divulge. You might bring forward some inner truths, which is what hypnosis is generally used for. These might shed light on some self-sabotage or some other situations you are currently placing yourself in.

You are aware and conscious throughout the process. You will remember everything about the session and never say or do anything that you do not want to. You will always know where you are. You only take yourself in trance if you feel safe and you can bring yourself back at any time. You are in your Control.

Hypnosis cannot make you do something against your will. Those who have seen a stage hypnosis show develop this belief. Those people you see on stage have a desire to do something outrageous; suggestions wouldn’t have the same effect on you.

People will not do anything under hypnosis that they will not do in a normal awakened state. While many people believe that hypnotized people will engage in any activities they are asked to do, fact is, “A hypnotized person will not do anything against his/her ethical & moral codes

Dr. Milton Erickson said, “If I could make people do all that I wanted them to do, there would be many more happy, healthy people living in this world today.”

Research has proved that neurotic, psychotics, mentally retarded people cannot be hypnotized whereas people with strong will power and ability to focus/concentrate can be hypnotized.

There are no significant and specific dangers associated with hypnosis per se. The actual dangers are those which accompany every psychotherapeutic relationship.

Some people believe if you are hypnotized repeatedly you will be addicted to it and need it every time you want to achieve some result. This is not true; hypnosis is a tool you can use any time you wish as much as you wish.

No research has proved this. Repeated hypnotic inductions do not weaken mind.

Common Questions asked About Supermind ESP

Yes, Mind Power Techniques help you to discover your mission in life, learn what you were sent here to do by creating psychic insight. You learn to live a life that’s fulfilled and happy.

When the phone rings, do you ever, somehow, know who’s calling before you even pick up the phone? Have you ever completed a friend or a loved one’s sentence before they get the chance to finish it? This is your own natural Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) at work. With Mind Power techniques, you can easily develop your own ESP and learn to project your mind to detect information that will help you make better decisions about health, relationships, business, personal development, and even your purpose in life.

ESP stands for Effective Sensory Projection. It is also referred to terms such as: intuition, remote viewing, psychic ability, hunches, and clairvoyance. You can learn to use Hidden Mind Powers to make mental connections to influence those at a distance and to project your mind at any place to discover hidden information not available to your five senses.

It is the ability to detect information with your mind. It is also known as psychic ability, clairvoyance, and ESP. You can learn to do your own psychic readings

Yes, anyone can learn it. All you need is a desire to learn to develop your intuition and use it to detect information that you can use to help you make better decisions.

Yes, your intuition can help you to respond better to other people, building stronger and better relationships.

It can help improve your decision Making Skills and have greater prosperity. You can use ESP to detect more information, and when you have more information, you can make better decisions. Further, you can obtain information, guidance, and help from higher intelligence, which can help you be in a better position to make the best possible decisions.