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The TIS headquarters are located in Karachi, Pakistan

The TIS has been formed by the association of a group of entrepreneurs who have decided to dedicate their time and money to support this noble cause. At present the TIS is fully functional in Pakistan having plans to expand its services in Eastern Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Afghanistan. There are various national and international companies supporting the cause of TIS, and to respect their confidentiality we refrain from disclosing their names.

TIS is funded by the donations received by its members as well as the money from the private entrepreneurs

The TIS gladly welcome donations and ensures its efficient and honest deployment. You can visit the following link to join our hands by supporting through your charitable donations

Yes, the TIS has a Tax ID/EIN and it can it be found on a Tax Exempt list soon

Not yet, but very soon you can obtain a tax receipt for your donation

No, we welcome donations from anyone and anywhere

No its not. We welcome donations from anyone and anywhere. The TIS keeps a clear and traceable record of all the donations received from the donors

Not yet, but in the coming days TIS will offer financial assistance, compensations and grants etc

Not presently, but in the near future TIS will provide scholarships

Yes you can sponsor a student/ member. Please click on the link to find out more details

TIS does not allow any individual, companies, academic institution or NGO’s to use any of its logo, identity prior to grant an authorized approval to do so. You would require permission to use the TIS name and logo for such purpose.

You need to write an email to marketing@transformation.com.pk and request the same.

Yes. You can request the same to donationreport@transformation.com.pk and request the same.

Not at the moment, but in near future TIS will partner with other charities