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To foster awareness, inspire hope, and serve those in need by enabling FREE access to integrated high quality clinical care delivered with compassion, generosity and respect

Transformation International Society (TIS) regularly organizes Free Transformation Camps where several acclaimed and renowned Health and Mental Health Professionals render their FREE services to the general community. The intent to organize such camps is to disseminate and raise awareness in the society regarding available community health and mental health services and the significance of integrated treatment/intervention approach in promoting mental well-being and overall health.

The offered services include but are not limited to: Hypnotherapy/ NLP Mind Technology Clinic; Psychological Testing & Counseling Clinic; Drug & Addiction Counseling Clinic; Psychiatric OPD; Neurology OPD; Gynecology OPD; General Physician OPD; Pediatric OPD; Dental OPD;  and Free Medical Lab Test, etc.