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TIS Clinics


Ameliorate the lives of individuals in need by providing Efficient & Affordable Access to optimum quality Comprehensive Care through integrated Clinical Practice


TRANSFORMATION® Clinics are committed to foster a system of integrated quality mental health care and ethical practices. TRANSFORMATION CLINICS are grounded on the premise that effective treatment is team oriented. Hence, it comprises of a team of well-reputed and renowned Certified Hypnotherapist, Consulting Hypnotist, Consultant Clinical Psychologists, and Consultant Psychiatrist who deliver their best services with kindness, integrity and respect.

The Clinics offer an array of treatment services AT AN affordable fee:

Hypnotherapy/ NLP/ Mind Sciences Technologies:

Hypnotherapy employs the hypnotic process and techniques that are imperative in assisting the client to achieve a focused mental state of heightened awareness and suggestibility to activate his/her inner resources to bring about positive and beneficial therapeutic changes in his/ her life.

Certified Hypnotherapist/ Certified Consulting Hypnotist/ Licensed Practitioner of NLP/ Mind Technologies® Practitioner can change your life in following areas:


Personal Development

Health & Well-Being


Fears & Phobias

Mental illnesses

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment also referred to as psychological testing or psychological evaluation is a comprehensive service provided by a Clinical Psychologist/ Consultant Clinical Psychologist that entails a clinical interview and multiple psychological tests. The purpose of psychological assessment is to assess and gain insight into a client’s abilities, potentials, various cognitive and emotional characteristics and overall personality functioning. The findings of psychological assessment can assist in identifying the areas of focus during therapy.

Psychological assessment services are provided to Children, Adolescents & Adults for:

Intellectual Functioning (IQ)

Academic Achievement

ADHD Testing

Personality Assessment

Aptitude Testing

Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc.


Psycho-diagnostic Assessment

Psycho-diagnostic assessment aims to identify, assess and understand the foundation of a wide array of emotional, behavioral and psychiatric disorders.

Family Counseling

At times changes in family relationships, health issues, addiction, and conflict, etc., might lead to a lack of effective communication and emotional, mental and psychological hindrances. Family Counseling aids families in comprehending and deciphering such indicative patterns and substituting them with positive tools to help develop alternatives. It additionally provides parenting and anger management skills that can help foster healthy relationships and communication patterns within the family.


Psychotherapy (also known as “talk therapy”) refers to psychological treatment methods that are used to treat mental health problems, emotional challenges and mental illnesses. It utilizes best practice treatment approaches and aims at managing the full spectrum of functional problems caused by emotional, behavioral and psychiatric disorders.

Marital Counseling

Couples go through highs and lows in their relationship. When communication, lack of trust, sexual dissatisfaction, and anger become issues, counseling as a form of treatment can prove to be very beneficial. With the help and proper guidance, they can equip themselves with emotional techniques and problem-solving tools that focus on bridging the gap and dismantling the barriers of communication leading to stability.

Psychiatric Assessment & Medication

Expert Consultant Psychiatrist analyzes and determines the need for psychotropic medication to treat mental illnesses and monitor the treatment outcomes.