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Vision & Values

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“The TIS embodies and personifies the ultimate key that epitomizes Enthusiasm, Motivation, and Optimism in people.”

Our Vision


We envision and strive to transform & elevate the lives of all individuals we connect with, in the pursuit to make this World a better place to live in by achieving excellence in Health Care, Vocational Training, Research & Education

Our Mission

To transform the minds, bodies and souls of individuals worldwide by providing simple and achievable life altering solutions for financial independence through healing, education and vocational training courses.

Believes & Values

Modern day mind technologists believe that everything that we require to capacitate and empower our life, already exists within us. What’s missing is the ability to derive these elements from our foundation as we get devoid of a positive mindset when we are obstructed with hurdles constantly.


At TIS we equip people with the opportunity to un-tap, extract and channel unlimited resources to produce positive results. We honor every human’s fundamental right to freedom to choose their path and mentor and counsel anyone who seeks our assistance.  We envision and strive towards serving people around the world, who we believe can maximize their potential in the best way possible, making them independent and yielding a positive effect on the society. In the quest to creating an impact, we welcome and embrace diversity and recognize how integral it is to respect, accept and honor each individual.


  • To inspire and motivate people to efficaciously transform their lives by instilling positive mental, emotional and physical changes within.
  • To transmute hopelessness, misery and despondency into aspiration, determination and incentive.
  • To help identify and eradicate personal barriers by replacing them with effective and powerful tools to re-calibrate the course of lives.
  • To administer contemporary human development technologies and wisdom of experts to foster skills in members.
  • To offer individuals free of cost membership to TIS, making our online programs, live seminars and awareness programs widely accessible.
  • To present opportunities of training and education starting from the basics, to those who seek them in both urban and rural areas.